Laser Therapy

Pain relief for our pets is very important. That is why we have included laser therapy into our clinic to provide another treatment option for many common ailments. Read on to learn more.

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Meet Some of our Happy Patients and
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Zoe and Lisa

Zoe is 14 years old and over the years has become more and more painful in her hips, and less able to get up and walk comfortably. After our first round of laser therapy, she does seem a little more comfortable as far as the pain, and seems to be able to spend more time standing and moving around. It also did seem to help improve her skin condition a fair amount.

Titus and Thomas

Titus was experiencing pain in his neck and flinching when we would go to pet him. He was moving very slow and not acting like himself. After the laser treatment, he is definitely feeling much better. We can pet him without him cringing or flinching and we are seeing him wagging his "stub" and seeming much more like himself. I would recommend the laser treatment to anyone that asked.

Milo and Ryan

Milo was having a hard time walking. He would walk a little and then stop. After six laser treatments Milo seems to be back to her vibrant self. She is walking, running, and is even practicing a little jumping!

Autumn and Kyrie

Kyrie was in severe pain and unable to walk or play. After his first two treatments while staying overnight we could see a huge improvement. After completing all 6 treatments he is like a new dog. He holds his head up, his ears are perky, he wags his tail and walks, runs and plays!

Stephanie and Mollie

Mollie was limping a lot and not wanting to put pressure on her back right leg. After an xray indicated a partially torn ACL we began laser therapy a few times a week. Half way through the first treatment Mollie relaxed and became very receptive toward it. Her "spunk" and energy returned immediately after the first treatment, which was great, but made it hard to keep her still to allow the healing process to begin. We were coming in every other day and Mollie would pull me into the therapy room each time. I knew that it made her feel better immediately! After every treatment she was like a brand new dog and overall is limping less. I am very grateful for this option to heal her and avoid surgery!


Beagler has a torn ACL He did great with the laser therapy. He was really limping bad. Within two laser treatments he was using his back leg again with out issue.


We noticed our 8 year old Boxer, Luke, dragging his back paw when he walked. He was also running into chairs, finding it difficult to go up or down stairs and almost collapsing when using the bathroom. We took him in to see Dr. Shaw and he suggested we do a round of laser treatments for his neck and upper back to reduce any inflammation that could be pressing on his spinal cord, causing paralysis.

We were happily surprised the day after the first treatment when Luke seemed less drpressed and more energetic. By the third treatment he was no longer walking into things, he could go up and down stairs and all the other issues were disappearing.

We are so grateful to Dr. Shaw and staff that helped with his recovery. We are over the moon to see him enjoying his walks, rolling around on the floor again, playing and just back to his spunky self.

The Unkefers

Scott and Shady

Shady was running thru the yard when she yelped and began limping. By the time I got to her she had yelped again. When bringing her to Broadview Animal and Bird Hospital we discovered Shady had completely torn one ACL and partially tore her other. After both surgery's were performed Shady also attended the laser treatments. I am amazed at her recovery. My experience with Dr Shaw, Amy and all the staff here seemed second to none and a very comforting environment.


Reason for Laser Therapy: Arthritis in her leg and back

Kala had become very stiff and sore. She had a lot of trouble getting up and laying down and had a noticeable limp. She was clearly in pain. Since she is a bad candidate for medicine, the vet, Dr Perry, suggested Laser Therapy. We’re convinced that it helps. Kala is getting up and down faster and chasing the cat again. She is noticeably happier. We plan to continue.

Zora and Teresa

I brought my German shepherd to the Broadview bird and animal hospital to evaluate a 2 year old lick granuloma and some chronic licking issues of the lower legs. We had tried so many different remedies in the past from Prozac to wrapping of the legs. We always worried about her wounds getting worse. After one laser package and a course of antibiotics Zora was as good as new. Her wounds healed and are now invisible. It is so nice to finally resolve that issue! Such a load off our minds. Our sincere thanks to the great staff and doctors at Broadview!

Lady Daw

About a year ago, my 12 year old Lab, Lady, was experiencing significantly worse arthritis. Despite daily doses of Deramaxx and Cosequin she was still having a very hard time standing up and walking, with the pain noticeably worse in her hind end. Xrays determined severe arthritis in the hips, to the point that Dr Shaw said the leg almost looked broken on the xray. Dr Shaw then suggested we try laser therapy to help Lady's increasingly worse condition.

The process of scheduling and receiving the treatments at Broadview Animal and Bird Hospital was a very simple and pleasant one. The technicians flexible schedules allowed me to schedule all appointments in the evenings after work. The room where the laser treatments took place was made very comfortable and safe for both Lady and me as well. I was able to sit (with protective goggles on) and hold Lady on a large fluffy blanket while she received her treatments.

I could not have been any more pleased with the results of the treatments! Within a day after the first treatment, I noticed that Lady's level of comfort and rage of motion in her hips was improved. She continued to improve throughout the following weeks of treatment and was soon able to go on significantly longer walks in the neighborhood again. Lady's overall demeanor changed as well as her day to day motions became more and more pain free.

At the end of our series of treatments, the staff at Broadview Animal and Bird Hospital re-took xrays of ladys hips. The results were amazing. What once looked like a solid white cloudy area around her hip socket now looked like a healthy young hip again.

A year later, my now 13 year old Lady is still doing well. Although old age has slowed her down a bit more, her hips have maintained their good health and her hind end movement is still stellar for a dog her age. I would highly recommend the laser therapy treatments at Broadview animal and Bird Hospital to anyone looking to increase the quality of life of their pet.

Candy, Jeff and Eileen

Candy only took medication and pain pills the first couple of days after surgery. It's been 2 1/2 weeks since surgery, and we believe the laser therapy has been instrumental in her recovery.

The toughest thing for us is to restrict her activity since she seems to feel so good, and wants to play with her brother. Extremely happy we chose to come here.

Therapy Laser FAQ

What Is A Therapy Laser?

Our Companion Laser is a low level laser (also known as a “cold laser”) that has been specifically designed and calibrated for veterinary use. It is NOT a surgical laser. Currently, we have the latest model with the highest power available on the market. At our clinic, we offer laser therapy for dogs, cats, birds, and other small animal pets.

How Does It Work?

Light therapy works by using specific wavelengths of light to stimulate a target area causing a photochemical reaction. As a result, we see a reduction in swelling and inflammation, increase in circulation, faster healing times and a reduction in pain. Although the technology has been around since the 1960’s, recent advances in research have provided doctors with more accurate guidelines for treatment regiments resulting in much higher success rates than were seen in the past.

What Are The Benefits Of Laser Therapy?

One of the primary benefits of laser therapy is that is it non-invasive and does not have the side effects that traditional medications can have. Laser therapy is effective at reducing pain and inflammation and can be particularly beneficial to those animals that cannot use NSAID pain relievers due to other medical conditions.

Additionally, the light penetrates into the tissue (without causing damage) and promotes natural healing processes within the body without adverse effects.

However, it is common for laser therapy to be used in conjunction with traditional treatments such as medications or surgery.

What Are The Risks Of Laser Therapy?

Luckily, the risks are very low. Because we use a “cold laser”, risks for buns are very rare. However, because it is still a laser, staff administering the therapy and anyone within the immediate treatment area will wear protective eye wear.

What Can It Be Used For?

Some of the most common problems that can be treated with laser therapy include: arthritis, acute trauma or wounds, intervertebral diseases, dermatitis, lick granulomas, hip displaysia, soft tissue strains, hot spots, periodontal disease, otitis and post-surgical pain.

How Long Does It Take?

Therapy protocols are specifically tailored to each patient and problem, so treatment times and frequency will vary. However, most sessions only take a couple of minutes.

How Do I Schedule A Therapy Sessions For My Animal?

First, you need to speak with your pet’s veterinarian to see if your pet will benefit from laser therapy. From there, a treatment regiment can be discussed and scheduled at our office.